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How to earn an affordable degree at MIPT

People tend to hesitate about studying abroad because of the costs involved. But you can actually get a scholarship to a Russian university without being a Russian citizen. In fact, you may only need a little dedication to explore the various scholarship options available to international students. Here are some tips to start you off. We hope you find them useful!

1. Pick a program
To start with, get a clear idea of what subject you want to study. This will help you choose a program providing the best academic background in your area of interest. For instance, if you seek the in-demand job of a data scientist, apply for the computer science program. Alternatively, the aerospace engineering program will prepare you to develop and produce aerospace systems. MIPT offers over 50 degree programs with a varying focus on different STEM subjects, so there is a really good chance you’ll find something suitable.
To make a more informed decision, check out MIPT’s page on Study in Russia, an official website of the Russian Ministry of Science and Higher Education.

2. Consider getting government funding
Education in Russia is generally cheaper compared to Europe and the U.S., so paying the tuition fees is often a viable option. Yet there is a good chance of securing a Russian government scholarship. It is awarded to 15,000 foreign applicants every year.
To apply for one, all you have to do is register online at Russia.Study, fill out the profile, and upload a photo and a scanned copy of your passport. Your choice isn’t limited to just one university: The website lets you apply to up to six institutions at once, as well as for a state grant.
Applying for a scholarship doesn’t stop there. After submitting your profile, you should contact the Russian Center for Science and Culture or the Russian Embassy in your country and find out about the two-stage competitive selection process, which every prospective grant recipient has to go through.

3. Note that you may require a pre-university course
While there are three bachelor’s and three master’s degree programs taught in English, there are also a number of Russian-taught programs. If your language skills are not strong, you can sign up for a preparatory program that includes language instruction and courses in the subjects relevant for your future studies.

4. Consider taking part in competitions
An easier and shorter way to get a place at a Russian university is by participating in one of the many contests organized by the Russian government or universities. Among them is the Open Doors: Russian Scholarship Project, organized by the top Russian universities. It’s open to foreign citizens and allows the winners to obtain a master’s degree for free from any university in Russia. Who knows, maybe you’ll get lucky and win a place at a Russian university, either within the international student quota system or on special terms. You can read about other competitions online.

5. Remember about the joint degree programs
If all this messing around is too stressful for you, consider a dual degree offered by a university in your country jointly with an MIPT partner institution. You can get two diplomas and not worry about passing the Russian entrance exams or translating your documents.
This can also be a good money-saving life hack. If you don’t want to spend a fortune on studying in Europe, apply for a joint program.
Not only easier on your wallet, it will earn you a European diploma together with a Russian one. For instance, there is a double degree program of MIPT and the Ecole Polytechnique in France.

6. Get an invitation and apply for a student visa
Once you receive an invitation from MIPT, there are no significant obstacles preventing you from getting a student visa. All you need to do is apply for it and get ready for your adventure of a lifetime.

For further advice and funding opportunities, consider contacting our International Students Office at intoff@mipt.ru.
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