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August: The last month of summer. Enjoy the great outdoors!

You’re probably working hard this summer, but don’t forget to take a break and enjoy the season. MIPT offers plenty of fun outdoor activities like hiking, yachting, sailing and, of course, science lectures in Gorky Park. 

If you’re looking to explore the local outdoors while also getting exercise, there are plenty of trails close to campus. An ideal weekend hike is a beginner-level marked trail, called “Phystech”, between the towns of Dolgoprudny and Mytishchi, which are 35 minutes from Moscow by train. At 19.8 km long, the route can be finished in a day or two and goes through Belyaninovo village where one can buy food and water. There are no natural water sources on the way so take some with you. Maps and details (in Russian).

Our campus is very near to the Klyazma river and the Phystech yacht club is existing since the 50s and has always been among the three leaders of the student yachting sport. The club provides training programmes for practitioners of all abilities and ages -- both members and non-members -- to nurture their development, produce athletes capable of competing at the highest levels, and contribute to the growth and popularity of yachting and sailing. They are really active in cultivating student yachting and are eager to help other universities. For more information, visit http://parus-mfti.narod.ru/.

The closest Moscow park to campus is Botanichesky Sad (The Central Botanical Garden), one of the largest in Europe. It is a great place which boasts a valuable collection of rare plants while providing visitors with the opportunity to plunge into the world of nature without having to leave the city. The Botanical Garden comprises areas representative of the Russian flora as well as flora from the countries of the former Soviet Union, a Japanese garden, a huge 70-hectare arboretum with over 2,200 species of trees, greenhouses and flower and fruit plant displays. The collection contains more than 8,000 plant species; you can easily spend several days among this variety of plants.

Or you can join Физтех.Читалка for lectures from students, employees, and graduates of MIPT and their friends. This is a great opportunity to ask scientists about whatever you always wanted to know in the shady green class. Follow them to stay updated on news, current events, and more. 

Don’t forget that MIPT always offers a number of events and activities on campus, many of them outdoors. Visit the MIPT timepad webpage for further details about what’s happening in Phystech.
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