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A senior research fellowship competition

MIPT launched a competition for senior research fellowships. The winners will be employed by MIPT as senior research fellows in a laboratory of their choice on a full-time basis for 24 months or less. MIPT provides them with funding, a professional infrastructure and an appropriate workplace for conducting research. The selection will be carried out based on applications and competition results, the results will be published on the official website of MIPT.

The competition is open for Russian and foreign scientists who hold a PhD or a higher doctoral degree and have at least one year of experience in leading international research centers.

Monthly salary is 120,000-150,000 rubles, or about $2,100-2,700.

If necessary, the scientist will be lodged in the Institute’s dormitory. The accommodation is paid for in accordance with the order of the rector on payments for dormitories (about 4,500 rubles per month).

How to apply
To participate, download and fill out the application form in English or in Russian and send it to postdoc@mipt.ru.

For more detailed information on the selection procedure and conditions, see the regulations of the competition, available in English and in Russian.

The deadline
Nov. 30 11:59 pm. The winners will be selected by Dec. 10.

About MIPT
MIPT's strategy includes conducting and developing high-quality research in quantum and electronic technologies, anti-aging studies, nanophotonics and plasmonics, telecommunications and microprocessor technology, biotechnology, applied mathematics and computing sciences, fundamental Interactions and structure of matter, space research, physics for life sciences and many more. The research we do in MIPT serves both national interests and global goals - the need for faster computing, cleaner energy, fighting diseases and prolonging a healthy life, managing complicated IT systems, exploring space etc. In the past several years over 80 new laboratories opened in MIPT, and the university has summoned top researchers from all over the world to head them.

The event is held as part of Project 5-100.
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