03/24/2017 17:19:02

A lecture by professor Frank B. Rosmej

Prof. Frank B. Rosmej (Professor at UPMC, Pierre and Marie Curie University) will give a lecture on «An introduction to the interaction of X-Ray free electron laser radiation with matter» on Tuesday, March 28, 17.00. 
Language - English.

The lecture provides an introduction to the physics of the interaction of X-ray Free Electron Laser (XFEL) radiation with matter. Unlike optical lasers, where energy absorption is essentially realized by inverse Bremsstrahlung and parametric instabilities, the primary absorption mechanism of XFEL is photoionization of atomic shells. Due to the large photon energy (up to 20 keV), XFEL radiation photoionizes mainly inner atomic shells thereby creating very exotic states: hollow atoms/ions, hollow crystals. The atomic physics processes related to these exotic states are essential to understand XFEL interaction with matter and the temporal evolution from a solid to Warm Dense Matter (WDM).

Professor Frank B. Rosmej is a leading expert in studies of exotic states of matter. Since 2012, he has been a visiting Professor at MIPT, co-lecturer of the course "Optical information technology" (lecturer — Professor of MIPT V. A. Astapenko), head of the Department in the laboratory of high-power lasers at the École Polytechnique, the leader of several national and international projects, member of many international scientific committees. 
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