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57,000 take Get It Solved, nationwide test in math, physics, informatics

A little over 57,000 people have taken Get It Solved, an all-Russian test in STEM subjects, organized by the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology and RDI Creative. Of those completing the test, 92 percent attempted to solve at least one problem in math, while two-thirds (69.8 percent) tried themselves in physics and more than a half (56.8 percent) in informatics.

The winners in the test were 523 people, among them 343 solving each of the 15 problems and 180 solving each problem but one. The winners at the main test site in the Moscow Palace of Pioneers received their awards from Konstantin Novoselov, the 2010 Nobel laureate in physics, an MIPT graduate; Dmitry Peskov, Russian special presidential representative for digital development and the director of the Young Professionals division at the Agency for Strategic Initiatives; and Alexey Maleev, MIPT’s vice rector for international programs and technological entrepreneurship. The winning school students automatically secure a spot in the final rounds of the Phystech and Technocup olympiads, while those scoring the highest receive a 30 percent discount for the MIPT Winter Olympiad School.

“The event has grown in scale, with 1 ½ times more people than last year solving at least one problem, which indicates a greater involvement,” commented Maleev. “The number of participants was 57,000, up 63 percent from previous year’s 35,000. The number of test sites has tripled, currently amounting to 230, thanks to the support from like-minded people across Russia and in several other countries.”

 “The initiative was backed by the Russian Ministry of Science and Higher Education, and Yandex served as the event’s industry partner,” the vice rector added. “Hopefully, this joint effort will foster an environment where the young and curious get pleasure from solving problems and venturing into science.”

“It also serves as early career counseling, which is quite important for teenagers,” pointed out the event’s co-organizer, RDI Creative CEO Victoria Kondrashova. “Get It Solved is an opportunity for school students to see the whole spectrum of possibilities in technical sciences. We are convinced that next year there will be even more people taking the test.”

On average, those completing the tests solved three problems in math, two in physics, and one in informatics. The core of the participants were school students, mostly ninth-, 10th-, and 11th-graders.

Diagram. Breakdown of those taking Get It Solved, the all-Russian test in math, physics, and informatics by educational background

At 97.5 percent, the vast majority of the participants come from Russia, with 14.5 percent taking the test in the nation’s capital of Moscow. In addition to that, the test was conducted in 40 other countries.

The organizers of the test for the second year running are MIPT and RDI Creative. The 2018 Get It Solved was supported by the Ministry of Science and Higher Education of the Russian Federation, internet company Yandex, and the MIPT Endowment Fund.

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