The 61th MIPT Scientific Conference

The 61st MIPT Scientific Conference will take place on Nov. 19-25, 2018. The MIPT Scientific Conference is a traditional multi-day gathering of researchers, students, professors, who are seeking to keep abreast of the newest developments, develop ideas, and just get inspired.

There will be over 100 sections where more than 1000 presentations will be given and evaluated. The authors who give the best presentations and the winners of the conference research contest will be awarded.

The conference will feature reports on more than a hundred scientific topics in the relevant scientific sections. All sections are divided into eight integrated topics:
  • radio engineering and computer technologies
  • fundamental and applied physics
  • aerospace technology
  • electronics, photonics, and molecular physics
  • applied mathematics and computer science
  • biological and medical physics
  • nano-, bio-, informational, cognitive, social and humanitarian sciences and technologies
  • humanities and pedagogy

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Time: 09:00
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