International Conference on Engineering and Telecommunication (En&T-2020)

The 7th International Conference on Engineering and Telecommunication will be held November 25-26 at the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology. The main focus of the event is on the latest developments in engineering and information technology including the challenges posed by the Arctic region. En&T-2020 will feature plenary session, a roundtable discussion titled “Satellite Infocommunication Systems: Trends and Prospects” and four thematic sections:

  • Telecommunication technologies and networks
  • Radio communication and radiolocation systems 
  • Computer systems and data processing
  • Artificial intelligence systems in telecommunications 

The main goal of the conference is to enable an exchange of ideas and insights with domestic foreign partners from the telecommunication and IT branches of science and industry. The working language of the event is English.

En&T-2020 deadlines:

  • Applying for participation: Oct. 10.
  • Submitting articles for publication with IEEE: Oct. 10.
  • Submitting conference report theses: Oct. 10.
  • Confirming participation: Nov. 1.
  • Paying the registration fee: October 30.

Registration fees:

  • Standard fee for Russian (foreign) participants: 10,000 rubles (about $140).
  • Students and PhD students: 6,000 rubles (about $80).
  • IEEE members: 8,000 rubles (about $110).
  • Attending the event as a listener is free.

Please direct your questions to Aleksandra Pozdeeva or contact the organizers. You can also visit the conference website.

Conference sections

Telecommunication technologies and networks

- Wireless data transmission systems and networks.
- Processing of signals, images, video and audio.
- Optical fiber networks and technologies.
- Software-defined networks and virtualization of the network functions.
- Engineering and management of computer networks.
- Multimedia and telecom services, including e-learning applications.

Radio communication and radiolocation systems

- New technologies in the field of radio communications and radiolocation.
- Broadband satellite and mobile communications.
- Radio communications and broadband access in the Arctic.
- Satellite Internet of Things.
- Vehicle-based radio communication systems.
- UHF devices and antennas.
- Transceiving and channel-forming hardware and equipment.
- Hardware and software support for radio systems.
- Electrodynamics.
- Future radiomaterials.

Computer systems and data processing

- Simulation systems in engineering.
- Architecture of supercomputers and specialized real-time computer systems.
- Hardware accelerators, algorithmic calculation speed up.
- Virtual computation media.
- General system software.
- Application software development tools and technologies.
- Visual programming.
- Information security systems.
- Information security in the data transmission networks and network coding.

Artificial intelligence (AI) systems in telecommunications

- AI systems. 
- Applied systems with AI.
- Pattern recognition systems.
- Neural networks.
- Hardware implementation of neural networks and neurocomputers.
- Deep learning networks.
- Data analysis systems.
- Data Mining and Big Data systems.
- Decision making and support systems.
- Biologically inspired control systems.
- Adaptive control systems.

Organizing committee:

  • Prof. Sergey Garichev, organizing committee chairman
  • Prof. Alexander Dvorkovich, program committee chairman
  • Lyudmila Uzhinskaya, deputy chairman of the organizing committee
  • Aleksandra Pozdeeva
  • Alexander Ivchenko
  • Pavel Kononyuk
  • Yakov Lvovich


  • Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology (MIPT), Nauchnyy Proyezd, 4

Dolgoprudny, Russian Federation

  • Mrs. Lyudmila Uzhinskaya

e-mail: tel: +7(925)547-7996

  • Ms. Alexandra Pozdeeva

e-mail: tel: +7(985)416-4078

For additional information, please visit http:/ or email to the conference organizers at

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Time: 10:00
Location: MIPT campus in Dolgoprudny

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