International Arctic Station Snowflake. Online Meeting

Following up the Arctic Resilience Forum and due to increasing interests to the IAS “Snowflake”, an open online meeting with AHEAD leaders and partners will be held on November 2, 2020.

During the conference Yury Vasiliev, Executive Director of the Institute of Arctic Technologies, Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology and head of the AHEAD project and Oskar Njaa – General Manager for International Affairs the Bellona Foundation will open detailed information about the project, construction plans, current results and some changes. As well as this, they will answer all questions related to the AHEAD project – International Arctic Station “Snowflake”.

Registration is required.
Language of the meeting - English.

Institute of Arctic Technologies and leaders of the Snowflake project invite international scientists and engineers to join the open collaboration in the following technological areas:

  • Energy, heat and water supply, waste disposal;
  • Telecommunications, smart home and smart village systems;
  • Medicine and technology of “Living systems”;
  • Autonomous robotics;
  • New materials and construction technologies;
  • Autonomous platforms for climate and environmental research;
  • Hardware and software emergency prevention and response systems;
  • Expert Decision Support Systems in extreme conditions based on AI technologies;
  • Aero and hydroponics, food security solutions in the Arctic, аnd other breakthrough environmentally friendly technologies.

The open online meeting on November 2, 2020 with potential and current partners will help to add some changes during the design and modeling stages, as well as to develop required infrastructure for implementation of new ideas and solutions.

Please send all your questions for the conference, suggestions and ideas for the Snowflake station to the

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Time: 18:30
Location: Online Zoom Meeting

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