Robotics Hackathon in Mini-Sumo to Take Place April 18th -19th

The hackathon will take place from April 18th -19th, 2015 at MIPT. 

The Robotics Hackathon in Mini-Sumo is:

- An opportunity to create a sumo robot from scratch in two days;
- Experience in working in small teams of 2-3 people under time constraint conditions; 
- Experienced mentors who are ready to help; 
- Two leagues – programmers and masters; 
- Competitions in mini-sumo in three leagues (programmers, masters, and a free league). 

About the event:

The Robotics Hackathon is a two-day event during which participants create and program sumo robots from scratch. Experienced mentors will be ready to help answer all questions.   

Participants will be divided into two leagues: programmers and masters.

Those participants wishing to apply to the league of masters should know how to solder sensors, motor control card, and battery to a controller board and how to design and assemble a robot to make it function. These participants will be provided identical kits to assemble robots. 

Those who find it more interesting to focus on the algorithm of robot behavior during battle and want to minimize manual labor can apply to participate in the league of programmers. Programmers will be provided with a nearly ready-made kit, Pololu Zumo, which requires minimal knowledge in soldering and mechanics.

Participants who have already had experience in robot assembly, including the assembly of sumo robots, are expected to take part in the league of masters. The organizers of the event reserve the right to divide the participants between the two leagues.  

The hackathon will finish with a competitions in mini-sumo that will determine winners in both leagues.

All other interested candidates are welcome to participate in the mini-sumo competition in the free league and are free to demonstrate various types of robots at the exhibition! Anyone can participate in the free league regardless of participation in the hackathon. 

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