Course presentation "Machine Learning for Physicists"

The Phystech School of Physics and Research and SIT (Schaffhausen Institute of Technology) are launching a course "Machine Learning for Physicists."

The course would suit students who would like to expand their professional and research prospects by advancing knowledge in the field of machine learning. The classes will take place over two semesters and will allow students to get acquainted with the main areas in modern machine learning — deep learning, convolutional neural networks, computer vision, time series, generative networks, autoencoders, optimization methods and much more.

The online presentation of the course will take place on June 9 at 3 p.m. (MSK). The event will feature speakers:

  • Prof. Valery Kiselev, Director of Phystech-cluster of Academic and Scientific Career of Landau Phystech School of Physics and Research – Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology;
  • Ilya Shimchik, Acronis SIT Autonomous Team Principal;
  • Prof. Andrey Ustyuzhanin, AI/MI expert consultant at SIT, the director of the Laboratory of Methods for Big Data Analysis at the Higher School of Economics;

To attend the online presentation, please register via the website.

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