Combinatorics and Geometry Days II: Online conference

It comes as the second installment in a series of events organized by the MIPT Laboratory of Combinatorial and Geometric Structures, which is part of the Institute’s Phystech School of Applied Mathematics and Informatics. The participants are welcome to listen in on talks by renowned international experts who are on the lab’s staff:

The complete list of Russian and foreign speakers and the schedule of the conference are available from the event’s website

The conference offers a platform for exchanging experience, presenting current research results, and discussing the key open problems of combinatorics and geometry. The organizers invite graduate and PhD students to have an informal discussion of their ideas with the field’s leading researchers. 

The conference will take place online with remote participation over Zoom. You can sign up for the event via Google Forms.

To ask a question, contact the organizers at

We will appreciate the participation of anyone interested in the current problems of combinatorics and discrete mathematics.

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Location: Online: Zoom

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