Astrosoma 2019: 15th School of Modern Astrophysics

This international summer school is primarily aimed at PhD students. Young researchers and outstanding undergraduate students are also welcome. It will feature lectures and practical sessions on the cutting-edge problems of physical cosmology: the early universe, the era of reionization, the formation of the universe’s large-scale structure, dark matter, cosmic microwave background radiation and the insights it might provide into the earliest stages of the history of the universe. The talks will be delivered by renowned scientists from leading research centers in Great Britain, the United States, and Germany. The school stays true to its ambition of promoting science among students, expanding their perspective, and engaging them in research at the forefront of astrophysics. 

The event is organized by the physics and astrophysics problems department, which is part of the Phystech School of Fundamental and Applied Physics.

Event dates

The registration is open Feb. 15-April 15, 2019.
The event will be held July 1-12, 2019.

Registration fee: 5,000 rubles (about $75)

Program committee
  • Vasiliy Beskin (chair), MIPT, Lebedev Physical Institute, Russia
  • Mikhail Medvedev, University of Kansas, U.S.
  • Alexander Philippov, Center of Computational Astrophysics, U.S.
  • Roman Rafikov, University of Cambridge, U.K.
  • Alexander Tchekhovskoy, Northwestern University, U.S.

Organizing committee
  • Vasiliy Beskin (chair), MIPT, Lebedev Physical Institute, Russia
  • Anna Chashkina, Sternberg Astronomical Institute of Lomonosov Moscow State University, Russia; University of Turku, Finland
  • Alexander Chernoglazov, Lebedev Physical Institute, Russia; University of New Hampshire, U.K.
  • Alisa Galishnikova, MIPT, Russia
  • Egor Novoselov, MIPT, Russia

Registration for the summer school is available here.

Expected event results
The school intends to make physics students familiar with modern cosmology, its relevant problems, and ways of approaching them. Further objectives are improving the status of MIPT in the global physics community and attracting world-class researchers for joint work with the Institute’s students and staff.


Event website:
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Time: 09:00
Location: MIPT campus in Dolgoprudny, Russia

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