AI@MIPT announces seminar on big data for genome models, implications for psychiatric genetics

On April 29, at 6:30 p.m., Phystech.Bio will host an AI@MIPT seminar in Room 107. It deals with using big data for mathematical models of the human genome, with implications for psychiatric genetics.

Speakers: Oleksandr Frei and Kevin O’Connell from the Norwegian Centre for Mental Disorders Research in Oslo.

Abstract: Genetics is an area of large opportunities for machine learning. The largest genome-wide association studies (GWAS) have already exceeded 1 million individuals and contain information on tens of millions of genetic variants, jointly estimated to account for up to 80% of the variability in complex human traits, including psychiatric disorders. Nevertheless, translating this knowledge into a clinical application remains challenging, and the practice of utilizing individual genetic information to predict disease has been judged to provide little to no useful information. In this seminar recent successes of the largest GWAS studies will be highlighted and the limitations that hinder an effective application of machine learning techniques in human genetics will be discussed. Part of the seminar will be devoted to the statistical methodology behind these studies, including the Bayesian mixed-model analysis and restricted maximum likelihood. Another topic is polygenic risk scoring and precision medicine, which is already effective in personalized risk prediction for certain types of cancer and risk stratification for Alzheimer’s disorder.

The language of the lecture is English. The event is free and open for anyone to attend.

Join the online streaming here:

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Time: 18:30
Location: Room 107, Phystech.Bio building

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