Abel Prize Laureate Avi Wigderson will give a talk

On Thursday, April 29, at 7 p.m. (GMT+3), the 2021 Abel Prize Laureate Avi Wigderson will present a talk on the topic "Optimization, Complexity and Math (or, can we prove P ≠ NP using gradient descent)". It will be held as a part of the Big Seminar organized by the MIPT Laboratory of Combinatorial and Geometric Structures. 

Avi Wigderson is a professor at the Institute for Advanced Study, Princeton, USA. The guest speaker is an outstanding specialist in discrete mathematics and computer science and the winner of a number of international awards. Last month Avi Wigderson was awarded with the Abel Prize for "fundamental contributions to the theory of computer science and discrete mathematics and a leading role in shaping them as central areas of modern mathematics." 

On Thursday, Avi Wigderson will talk about the main results of his recent research. He will discuss the problem of equality of complexity classes P and NP, one of the seven millennium problems that lie at the intersection of mathematics and computer science. 

Zoom link

Meeting ID: 279-059-822 

Password: first 6 decimal places of Pi after the decimal point

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Learn more: https://combgeo.org/en/events/big-seminar/avi-wigderson/ 

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Time: 19:00
Location: Zoom

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