Phystech School of Material Science and Quantum Systems

The School prepares high qualified experts in the fields of electronics, photonics, molecular and chemical physics. The development of the education and research is oriented on the grand challenges, including: productivity growth and cost reduction of electronic and photonic hardware, new materials accelerating the technique development and improving of life quality, synergies of combining fundamental and engineering education.

List of departments

Combining MIPT’s traditional program in pure physics and mathematics with deep studies in chemistry, the Department fosters unique specialists who conduct research in chemical dynamics and reaction mechanisms, materials and plasma chemistry as well as the physics of living systems. Our community comprises people who investigate radiochemistry and conduct experiments using laser technology.

Converging rigorous pure sciences with the power of our industry-academic partnerships, the Department provides training programs for students who wish to become outstanding researchers in the field of electronics. We explore new materials and create new methods in solid state electronic devices as well as in laser and optics systems providing sharpened efficiency for contemporary solutions in telecommunications, control systems, supercomputers and the aerospace industry. We dare to change the world.