Phystech School of Fundamental and Applied Physics

Phystech School of Fundamental and Applied Physics is preparing the graduates with strong background in fundamental physics and fresh scientific vision on finding complex solutions for the major problems facing humanity. The specific feature of the School concept is educating the students in virtually all the areas of modern physics, closely related to the invention of new technologies and innovations, and making production process more sufficient and cheap. The School is based on the Department of General and Applied Physics and the Department of Problems in Physics and Energetics. The Departments provide exceptionally strong training in mathematics and physics, as well as research opportunities in the most challenging areas of modern Science. Students can choose their future area of research from a variety of specializations: particle physics and cosmology, quantum field theory and mathematical physics, physics of condensed matter, high energy physics, physics and technology of low temperatures, nuclear physics, optics, astrophysics, bionanophysics, plasmonics, fundamental problems in physics of quantum technologies and much more.

List of departments

Here is one of the best places to get involved in the most wonderful and most complicated areas of knowledge. We train our students to push the boundaries of human understanding of space and time, of matter and energy from the nuclear to the cosmological. We offer the exploration of a universal nature to those who dare to know.

The Department focuses on producing scientists trained to face a broad range of challenges caused by the rapid growth of human civilization in the 21st century. We offer programs related to quantum optics, extreme states of matter, nuclear physics, astrophysics and cosmology, fundamental interactions and plasma energetics. We endeavor to conduct experiments beyond the limits of present-day science and we are proud of our graduates, who are involved in investigating the most spectacular phenomena of the universe.