Phystech School of Aerospace Technology

The Phystech School of Aerospace Technology aims to prepare top-notch engineers for the aerospace industry. It combines the Department of Aerophysics and Space Research and the Department of Aeromechanics and Flight Engineering.

The Department of Aerophysics and Space Research offers undergraduate and graduate programs in space research, natural sciences, and mathematical modeling and system analysis. The Space Research Program includes courses in the development of space surveillance systems; communication, control, and navigation; and space vehicle design and construction. The Natural Sciences Program offers several engineering specializations: development of oil and gas exploration methods; forecasting, mitigation, and elimination of natural and human-caused disasters; and fundamental research and mathematical modeling in the fields of ocean and atmospheric sciences. Mathematical Modeling and System Analysis is a program with a focus on mathematical modeling, analysis, and optimization of complex technical, physical, industrial, economic, physiological, and other systems. Accordingly, students interested in space research, natural sciences, or mathematical modeling are welcome to choose the specialization that is right for them.

The Department of Aeromechanics and Flight Engineering carries out scientific research for major Russian companies, including Zhukovsky Central Aerohydrodynamic Institute, Baranov Central Institute of Aviation Motors, Sukhoi Civil Aircraft Company, and others. This makes for a wide range of research areas, namely, theoretical aero- and hydrodynamics, mathematical simulation of gas and liquid flows (modeling of airflows around aircraft, complex atmospheric currents, wind tunnels, etc.), applied mechanics (computer simulation and experimental research into the strength of materials, including composites), software development and visualization tools (flight tracking, radar systems, etc.), simulation of the processes occurring in aircraft and rocket engines, research and development of unmanned aerial vehicles and drones.

List of departments

The training programs of the Department focus on practical approaches in the realm of space industry and include aerospace engineering, space science, and space technology. Our research tackles a wide range of problems such as biosystems engineering, earth remote sensing, natural resource exploration, etc. Our alumni include astronauts, politicians, high-ranking officials, and brilliant researchers who work in prestigious research centers and companies both in the Russian Federation and abroad.

The Department prepares students for professional positions in the aerospace industry, government, and business by offering an intensive curriculum merged with cutting-edge research at Russia’s renowned Aviaindustry Cluster. Our program focuses on aeromechanics, control, propulsion and engineering problems of aircraft. The department is located in the city of Zhukovsky, Moscow Region.