Phystech School of Applied Mathematics and Informatics

The Phystech School of Applied Mathematics and Informatics has been established to accumulate and develop the competences currently called for in mathematics and computer science, as well as in their applications. It provides programs that are unmatched in Russia in the areas of advanced combinatorics and network applications, machine learning, robotics, data analysis and predictive modeling, experimental economics, applied computational geophysics, and many more.

List of departments

The Department of Control and Applied Mathematics provides training at the bachelor’s and master’s level in applied mathematics. Education programs are focused on mathematical modeling in fundamental and applied physics, mechanics and economics. We offer unique courses in supercomputing, artificial intelligence, system analysis and software engineering.

Computers and information technologies have become indispensable to modern life. The Department prepares our students to give rise to new innovations, to be eager in studying computer science, to explore the cyber-universe and to implement their ideas in the real world with the help of our industry-academic partnerships with the world's largest software companies and high-tech corporations.