Phystech Schools

The main goal of the Phystech School of Radio Engineering and Computer Science is to prepare experts with an engineering mindset capable of formulating and solving major technical and technological problems.

The School prepares high qualified experts in the fields of electronics, photonics, molecular and chemical physics. The development of the education and research is oriented on the grand challenges, including: productivity growth and cost reduction of electronic and photonic hardware, new materials accelerating the technique development and improving of life quality, synergies of combining fundamental and engineering education.

The Phystech School of Applied Mathematics and Informatics has been established to accumulate and develop the competences currently called for in mathematics and computer science, as well as in their applications. It provides programs that are unmatched in Russia in the areas of advanced combinatorics and network applications, machine learning, robotics, data analysis and predictive modeling, experimental economics, applied computational geophysics, and many more.