The programme is aimed at preparing students for professional carrier in planetary science, space engineering, and remote sensing instrument development.

Based on its long-term cooperative network in Russian and European space science and industry, MIPT provides focused training for joining research and engineering teams of planetary missions worldwide. Our faculty have unique experience of participation in missions to Mars, Venus, Jupiter and other Solar System bodies and develop hi-end instruments for future missions. Students graduating from the program will be prepared for admission to a PhD program in planetary science in the world’s leading universities.
Theoretical part of the program includes fundamentals of orbital dynamics, planetarygeology, physics and chemistry of planetary interiors and atmospheres, including extrasolar planets. Special attention is given  to methods and instrumentation of planetary studies, including interplanetary missions and spaceborne astronomy. The program implies extended practice and internship in Russia’s leading research teams involved in planetary missions lead by Roskosmos, ESA, NASA, and other space agencies. Students enrolled in our Masterprogramme take part in mission planning, instrument design, operations, data treatment and interpretation.

  • Introduction to the physics of planets;
  • Orbital dynamics of planetary systems;
  • Planetary geology;
  • Planetary interiors Physics and chemistry of impacts;
  • Dynamics of planetary  atmospheres;
  • Photochemistry and spectroscopy of planetary atmospheres;
  • Radiative transfer in planetary atmospheres;
  • Planetary climate;
  • Instruments and methods of planetary missions;
  • Planetary astronomy;
  • Inverse problems in planetary studies.
  • University of Reims (France);
  • University of Cologne (Germany);
  • University of Göttingen  (Germany);
  • EPFL (Switrzerland);
  • Complutense University of Madrid  (Spain).
Programme Coordinator
Prof. Alexander Rodin