The Master's program is aimed at training professionals in the field of modern safety technologies of nuclear energy and industry, the ecological impact of objects of nuclear energy and industry on the environment and the population, the economic efficiency of the nuclear industry development in view of environmental and safety.
Master's Programme will allow students be oriented in the wide range of actual investigations related to:
  • Safety problems of different types of reactors;
  • Advanced methods of analysis of various aspects of the safety of reactor facilities and nuclear power plants;
  • New approaches to modeling of physical and chemical processes and heat hydrodynamic processes in nuclear reactors;
  • Ensure the safety of radioactive waste disposal and radio ecological nuclear power plant.
Students will work on their research projects under the supervision of top-level researchers.
The most successful students will be offered PhD positions at MIPT.
Teaching methods includes lectures, seminars, practical exercises. Research is an essential part of the program.
  • The physics of fast gasdynamic processes;
  • Hydrodynamics of multiphase flows;
  • Computational Methods in Solid Mechanics;
  • Physical fundamentals of  radiobiology;
  • Basics of Radiation Biology;
  • Physical and mathematical models and software systems in radiation ecology;
  • Methods of disposal of radioactive waste and spent nuclear fuel;
  • Economy of Energy safety;
  • Statistics of extremum and the Risks theory.
  • International Atomic Energy Agency  (IAEA);
  • Institute for Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety (IRSN).
Programme Coordinator
Prof. Petr Кondratenko