This program is focused on modern aspects of the atmosphere and ocean fluid dynamics of the open ocean rather than on the near-coastal and shoreline regions. А special place in the course devoted to the study of oceanography of arctic regions. That makes this program simultaneously both pure and applied.

Participants of this program:
  • Will gain relevant knowledge and practical skills in the field of atmosphere and ocean fluid dynamics;
  • Will learn how to build mathematical models and computer simulations of real processes of atmosphere and ocean, near coastal and shore line regions. Separately will be considered Arctic regions;
  • Will be able to learn and work with the best professors with international experience from leading research institutes of the Russia and Norway.

The program consists of introductory, theoretical and practical parts. The introductory part is based on mathematics courses and introductory courses in mechanics of continuous media that are needed for further understanding of the material. In the theoretical part lectures are planned on the main following topics: fluid dynamics in atmosphere and ocean and its applications. Special attention is paid to process in Arctic regions. In the practical part there are seminars and students research work.

“Introductory” courses:
“Atmospheric and oceanic fluid dynamics” courses:
  • Mathematical Analysis
  • An introduction in physical oceanography
  • Differential Equations
  • Ocean ecology
  • Partial Differential Equation
  • Осеan and atmosphere interaction
  • An introduction in continuum mechanics
  • Regional Oceanography
“Geophysical fluid dynamics” courses:
  • Operational  Oceanography
  • Geophysical fluid dynamics
“Arctic region oceanography” courses:
  • Simulation in geophysical fluid dynamics
  • Oceanography of Arctic
  • Modern geophysical methods in ocean studying
  • Mechanics of ice
  • Computational geophysical fluid dynamics

  • Institute of Oceanology of Russian Academy of Sciences (Russia);
  • The University Center in Svalbard (Norway);
  • Arctic and Antarctic research institute State Research Center (Russia);
  • Institute of atmospheric Physics of Russian Academy of Sciences (Russia).
Programme Coordinator
Prof. Vladimir Zhmur