Language Training & Testing



The mission of the Language Training and Testing Centre is to provide MIPT students, teaching staff, and researchers with additional opportunities to obtain a language level that allows for intercultural communication in various situations in an academic and professional learning environment.

The LTTC teaching staff is composed of professionally qualified teachers of English who bring their students a diverse wealth of knowledge in various aspects of language learning and test preparation. 

Almost all LTTC courses are taught by native speakers of English who make themselves available to students outside of the classroom, which allows for a closer student teacher relationship and creates a stimulating language environment. 

In addition to language training and test preparation, LTTC administers TOEFL® iBT tests as well as TOEFL® ITP.

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Contact information:
30, building 1, Pervomayskaya, Dolgoprudny,
Moscow Region, 141700, Russian Federation 
Phone: +7 (498) 744-65-67