Preparatory course is a special educational program lasting 1 academic year (7-10 months), where students learn Russian and special disciplines (mathematics and physics).
After preparatory course students pass examinations.
In case of successful passing of examinations students receive the Certificate of preparatory course.
The invitation is official document which is prepared by Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russian Federation. It confirms that the student is admitted to this university.

Passport data of the student and full name of university are specified in the invitation. This document needs to be submitted to the Russian Embassy to receive the visa. 

In general, preparation of the invitation takes about 45 days in the Ministry of Internal Affairs.
Registration grants to the foreign citizen the legal right to stay on the territory of Russian Federation. Usually the period of registration lasts one year. It is necessary to prolong registration annually in 2-3 weeks prior to completion date of its action.
On arrival in university student must register in International Department of MIPT within 3 days, including day of arrival. The stamp about registration is put on the migration card.
It is recommended to update the passport before a trip to Russia for the full period of study.
Russian education is one of the most qualitative and fundamental in the world. It allows the student to find well paid work and to start climbing up on a career ladder right after completing university course.
Students of the Russian universities are obliged to attend all lectures as only the knowledge gained during classroom occupations allows students to become the effective and knowing professionals.
Thus, there is an opportunity to work only after classes or during vacation on the weekend.

At first you should get acquainted with the new country and to learn Russian. When you become the student of the third year, it will be possible to get a job but only if you study well and you attend all demanded classes.
Academic year proceeds 10 months (from September 1 - to June 30) Academic year consists of two semester.
  • First semester: from September 1 - to January 25. 
  • Second semester: from February 9 - to June 30. 
Between semesters students have holidays: 
  • Winter vacation (2 weeks: from January 25 to February 9)
  • Summer vacation (2 months: from July 1 to August 30).
 Students could stay in Russia, or come back home for the period of vacation.
  1. Passport 
  2. Documents of your previous education with transcripts 
  3. Medical certificate (document that confirms your good health)
All the documents should be translated to Russian.
Russian taught programs cost 250'000 rubles per year, English taught — 400'000 rubles per year.
Life insurance and health is obligatory for any foreign citizen who arrived to Russian Federation for study.
The sum of life insurance and health is 8200 rubles per year.
Phone number of insurance company and the Emergency health service is specified on the policy of assurance which the student has to carry always with himself.
All universities have medical offices of first aid and general medical care.
  • At own will 
  • For health reasons 
  • For the academic poor progress 
  • For the academic poor progress students are deducted: 
  1. the examinations in several disciplines which didn't pass in session 
  2. not liquidating the academic debt in established periods 
  3. received an unsatisfactory assessment at a repeating an examination of the same discipline of a certifying commission 
  4. for violation of a subject matter and regulations
Visit International student centre on the 2nd floor of the Student Dining Building.

  • Fill in the application for card issue (they will provide it);
  • Copy of passport (page with photo);
  • Migration card.
  • Notarized translation of passport;
  • Consent to process personal data;
  • Residence permit (if you have).

You can submit documents personally on weekdays from 10:30-17:30
For the social card you need to visit Moscow Multifunctional Center (MMC/МФЦ)

  • Fill in the application (MMC will provide it at the center)
  • Notarized copy of your passport
  • Student ticket (aka studencheski bilet)

You can choose the center here
If you have any problems you can address to Department of Foreign Students: +7 (495) 408-70-43 (Auditorium building, room 315). 

Here is the list of people who can help you:

Golubkova Polina
English-taught Master's programs manager
Tel: +7(498)744‒65‒92
E-mail: golubkova.p@gmail.com

Baryshev Albert
International Students Officer
Tel: +7(495)408‒70‒43
E-mail: baryshev.aa@mipt.ru

Nikitina Kseniya
Intership programs manager
Tel: +7(495)408‒65‒92