Educational Process

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Here are the translations of the fundamental Orders which clarify educational process. 

Order on Educational Process

Academic Leave

The original versions may be found on the MIPT website.


MIPT lecture is a strong introduction to a particular subject, with one lecturer presenting information to a large group of students.


Our seminars are interactive in-depth discussions of the subject areas led by leading academics in small groups of 10 to 30 students who are expected to contribute actively.


MIPT offers Physical Education classes twice a week. Attendance is mandatory. At the beginning of each year, students need to choose their sport specialization. The transfer between specializations is possible within a month at the beginning of each semester. This requires the consent of the teachers of both the previous and the desired specialties. To successfully pass the test, students must score 25 points, which are awarded for attending classes, meeting standards, participating in competitions.


MIPT students are required to pass assignments and perform laboratory work set out in  the curriculum attached to the Assignment Book called Zadavalnik (Russian: Задавальник). Each professor chooses his own evaluation methods, but the deadlines are usually indicated in Zadavalnik or sent by the professor personally.


At MIPT, students carry out lab practicals, applying appropriate methods and using related equipment. And that is how they learn how to undertake research.

Lab practicals comprise three stages: (1) the preparation stage, including the theoretical study related to the forthcoming activities, project design (drawings, schemes, tables); (2) the practical stage, directly relating to the lab work with doing experiments and recording the findings; (3) the presentation stage, that is the presentation of the lab work done to the teacher with further evaluation, such as checking the project design and asking some theoretical questions. Preparation and presentation are assessed separately.

MIPT students also use "Labnik" - a laboratory manual with a description of laboratory activities to be performed. Check the Chair of General Physics website for more information and laboratory calendars.


Students are expected to attend lectures and seminars, take tests and complete tasks assigned by their professors. The only reason you may be missing out on classes is to take a certified sick leave. In case of being absent, you must submit an explanatory note with dates and reasons for the absence, as well as the proof of your certified absence to your Phystech School. Unauthorized absences cause students to be subjected to disciplinary sanctions (consequence, reprimand, expulsion). 

Each class has its own rating system. Students get points for each criterion: lab practicals, attendance, assessment. They need to score a certain number of points to assess exams and successfully pass the evaluation. Check with your professors to find out more about your rating system.


Revision weeks usually take place in the last week of each semester. At this time, each student must take tests in the subjects according to the curriculum. They can be either graded or pass/fail.

At MIPT, examinations take place between late December and late January for Autumn Semester and between late May and late June for Spring semester. There are two types of exams: problem-solving assessments and oral assessments, where students must prove their theoretical knowledge. Mixtures of these types are possible.

Absences that are taken without the formal request for a leave of absence, or without the leave of absence having been formally approved by the department and / or Phystech School will be treated as unauthorised absences and may lead to Fail grades. In this case, students get the opportunity to resit each exam no more than twice. Students who have failed more than three assessments by the end of their examinations, as well as those who haven’t resit within a specified timeframe, can result in the strongest penalties, such as failing your degree or expulsion from MIPT.


Mock oral Calculus examination is conducted in the first semester in late October. Mock exams can be conducted in different subjects, depending on the chosen field of study. They are most similar to the real exams. The mock examination program is half the semester program.


The MIPT academic credit system is based on academic hours. Its hours of study contain both contact hours and independent learning. MIPT degrees require 30 credit hours per semester, so 60 credit hours per year.

1 academic hour = 40 minutes
1 credit = 36 academic hours
MIPT has a 10-points grading system.