The radio system and control system

This program is implemented at the Chair of Radiophysics and Technical Cybernetics. The main research areas are:

Radar stations with active solid-state phased arrays and digital processing in the frequency ranges from decimeter to millimeter. The development of digital radar with AESA includes several main areas, such as the development of AESA modules with controlled amplifiers and phase shifters, the development of digital devices for the formation and spatio-temporal processing of signals, the development of software and algorithmic support and control equipment.

Stations with digital AESA for receiving telemetric information from space objects.

Radar stations of the millimeter range, including powerful radar stations, capable of observing objects in near-Earth space.

Satellite networks and stations, including high-potential tracking earth stations and stations on vehicles, ships and aircraft.

AESA, mirror antennas, hybrid antennas, including multi-path and contour diagrams for spacecrafts of satellite communication systems.

Automated measuring systems for tuning and measuring radiation characteristics and electromagnetic compatibility of radio systems, including systems with large-aperture phased arrays. Development of methods for tuning, diagnostics and measurement of systems in the near and intermediate zones, including using unmanned aerial vehicles.


Theory of random processes
Applied electrodynamics
Theoretical basis of radiolocation
Theory and technique of antennas
Theoretical basis of radio communication
Phased array antennas
Microwave devices and the basics of their computer modeling