Molecular biology

At the present time, scientific research is conducted in the following main areas:

molecular and cellular engineering;
oncogenomics, oncodiagnostics, oncopogenesis, oncovirology;
mobile and recurring genetic elements of animals and their evolution;
molecular immunology;
structure and molecular dynamics of biopolymers;
creation of new biologically active compounds;
genetic enzymology;
signal transmission at the molecular and cellular levels;
genomic and proteomic bioinformatics;
the development of the fundamental foundations of new molecular and cellular technologies, bionanotechnology;
genomics of plants.


Physics of soft matter
The physical basis of magnetic resonance spectroscopy
Crystallography and X-ray diffraction analysis of biomolecules
Molecular biology
Genetic engineering
Experimental methods of molecular biophysics
Workshop on the crystallization of membrane proteins and the study of the structure of lipids by the methods of SAXS
Structure and functions of biological membranes
Workshop on genetic engineering
Introduction to bioorganic chemistry
Cellular biology
Physical Methods of Research
Workshop on methods of molecular and cellular biology
Biophysics of a tumor cell
Field biophysics