Biophysical and medical technology, pharmaceuticals

The program was created in MIPT in 2011 specially for the training of innovative entrepreneurs in the field of LifeScience. Scientific and practical work is carried out on the basis of the laboratories of the Living Systems Center of the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology. Theoretical courses are combined with internships, lectures and master classes are conducted by leading experts of the region, including many foreign scientists and entrepreneurs, invited top managers, co-owners of Russian and international high-tech companies. Successful students implement joint projects with residents and partners of the Biofarm Cluster "Severny", with the possibility of further employment in leading pharmaceutical and biotechnological companies in Russia.

Students are trained in the baccalaureate in Applied Mathematics and Physics in the field of Biophysical and Medical Technologies, Pharmaceutics, in the magistracy in Applied Mathematics and Physics under the Master's Program "Physico-Chemical Biology and Biotechnology", and also in Biotechnology.

Recruitment of students to the department is carried out for students of 4 and 5 courses - in bachelor's and master's degrees respectively.

Students have the opportunity to present their research projects at the International Conferences of PhysTechBio and FiztehMed, which are held at the initiative of the Chair and with the support of the 5TOP100 program, as well as the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation. 


Fundamentals of Medical Chemistry
Basics of business activities
Basics of drug development
Heterocyclic compounds