Computer technology and the intellectual data analysis

This program is implemented at the Chair of System Programming of Phystech-school of Applied Mathematics and Informatics on the base of Institute of System Programming (ISP) of Russian Academy of Science (RAS), which is the leading scientific institution of RAS in the field of academic research and technological developments in system programming.  ISP of RAS conducts research with the support of domestic and European grants in cooperation with leading academic institutions, such as INRIA (France), Fraunhofer Institute (FRG). ISP of RAS is a member of the federation Gelato, focused on the development of software for the Itanium processor, a member of the European association for formal industrial technologies ForTIA. At the ISP of RAS  At the ISP of RAS operates the Moscow center of the largest international programming community IEEE Computer Society. Also ISP of RAS has contracts for development of technologies and software with domestic and foreign companies:
Hewlett Packard
Beeline and others.

An important goal of the program is to train highly qualified specialists in the field of programming. This goal requires a wide range of research and development from discrete mathematics to Internet technologies to ensure broad and fundamental training of specialists. Unlike industrial companies, ISP of RAS does not have a fixed technological focus and software based on it. A wide range of research contributes to the development of fundamentally new technologies, which often have an interdisciplinary nature. 


Constructing of optimizing compilers
Complexity of combinatorial algorithms
Theoretical cryptography
Lattices, algorithms and modern problems of cryptography
Theoretical basis of numerical analysis
Modern computers and data transportation network