Aerospace engineering

Aerospace engineering is a key branch of engineering concerned with the development of aircraft and spacecraft.

This program provides students with the knowledge and practical skills crucial for the development and production of aerospace systems. In addition, it includes the study of specialized modules in aircraft performance, the principles of microeconomics and structures, along with electives in the mechanics of deformable bodies, advanced aerodynamics, aviation and space flight.

With an MIPT degree, a student is well-placed for career opportunities in the aerospace industry,including positions in private companies and the public sector, as well as graduate school.

Information brochure of the program

Additional information:

Duration: 4 years (8 semesters)

Degree awarded: Bachelor of Science

Standard tuition fee: 400 000 RUB per year ~ $ 6400 per year

Accommodation in dormitories on MIPT campus

ECTS credits: 240

Language of instruction: English

Admission Requirements:

High school diploma and transcript (grades)

Scanned copy of ID (passport)

Educational awards and results of academic or scientific competitions (if available)

Successful subject examinations (see below)

Admission tests


Core subjects:


Linear Algebra



Social Sciences

Principles of Microeconomics

History and Culture


Introduction to Aerospace Engineering

Computing for Engineers

Introduction to Engineering Graphics and Visualization

Engineering Graphics and Visualization

Introduction to Experimental Methods in Aerospace


Introduction to Aerospace Vehicle Performance

Mechanics of Deformable Bodies

System Dynamics and Vibration

Circuits and Electronics

Experiments in Fluid and Solid Mechanics

Structural Analysis

Aircraft Flight Dynamics

Spacecraft Flight Dynamics

Instrumentation and Electronics Lab

Aircraft Design

Space System Design

School Partners:

Program Coordinator:

Director of MIPT School: Dr. Negodyaev (

Contact information:

Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology
9 Institutskiy Pereulok, Dolgoprudny,
Moscow Region, 141700,
Russian Federation

Center for International Cooperation
Phone: +7(495) 408 70 43