Yachting club

We live and study near the Klyazma river. The phystech yacht club is existing since the 50s and has always been among the three leaders of the student yachting sport.

We are lucky to have a sports department that holds training all year around. It is located at Dolphin marina near Vodniki station in Kotovsky gulf.

We are also proud to have the MIPT yacht club. It is located near the bridge over Klyazma at Kapustino not far from Sheremetievskaya station.

The phystech administration has traditionally been mentoring our yacht athletes and these actions bring wonderful results and achievements! This year, our sportsman Yuriy Bogdanov has taken part in the Olympic qualification race in Spain. In 2012, two phystech sailors, the RAS President Vladimir Fortov and the academician Alexander Bugaev, made a cruiser Atlantic trip (katera.ru/rssnews/10155).

Our athlete Evgeniy Paramonov is our active representative in the Student Sportsclub Association.

Please, take a look at the picture: we are the first to open the season! This year on April, 26th our sail was the only one to fly over the Klyazma. In 2012, our training season ended on December, 1st in snow!

We also make training shows at our sport camp in Pestovo and are planning yachting in Raduga center in Divnomorskoe.

We are really active in cultivating student yachting and are eager to help other universities.

Our minimal task to start with is to teach phystech students how to become sailors. We accept all and are ready to make you understand the yacht navigation in one day. Further the one is choosing his way himself: either to be a yachting racer or make cruiser trips.

MIPT yacht club is the yacht club for every phystech student!

For more information about us, please, visit our web-page: http://parus-mfti.narod.ru 

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