MIPT Debate Union

Your thoughts remain unperceived and unacknowledged; the audience listen to your speeches with gloomy faces and wait for something; you are a leader at heart, but so unsure that someone will support your ideas... Then you need the rarest and most ingenious gift — the gift of the gab. And you can acquire this gift at the MIPT Debate Union.

The MIPT Debate Union recruits new members in every September. But if you got eager to attend our meetings in the middle of the year, you can come after a small test.

The debates have warm and friendly atmosphere of good people. We practice in public debate on Tuesday (in English) and on Thursday (in Russian). After a member’s speech an experienced judge comments on mistakes in form (gestures, posture) and content (structure, arguments). Occasionally, recognized word masters visit us with their trainings. Trainings are also held by the club’s president and the chief judge. The debaters live an exciting life and visit various cities.

“Parliamentary debates” is a world famous student game with several teams acting out a Parliament session. The aim is to convince “parliamentarians” to vote for or against a law.

All topics are announced 15 minutes before speech. That is why both general knowledge and ability to speak persuasively are important. 

Debates develop:

·         Public speech skills, persuasive skills and the Russian language skills; 

·         An ability for polite and civilized discussion; 

·         Intellectual capacity, analytical capabilities, quick thinking; 

·         An ability to prove one’s point of view on ANY topic; 

·         Critical thinking; 

·         Communication skills 

·         Erudition level and outlook (the game topics vary widely — from social problems and introduction of criminal responsibility to international relations, bioethics and economics); you will understand processes taking place in the modern society better and analyze consequences of political decisions.

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