Caving club

Caving club “Barrier” started in 1986 and holds its place among the oldest MIPT’s student organizations.

By now, the club has organized more than 300 walking tours, both short and long, that have involved more than 800 phystech students, explored more than 20 caving regions and conquered more than 150 caves, among which are those ten that are deeper 500 meters.

Caveology is a multidisciplinary science making integrated exploration and research of the natural underground environment. Still many phystech students are being attracted by new discoveries, cave beauties, romance and challenge offering them a nice distraction from their studies as well. Hardly ever one could think of a place on the Earth that hasn’t been visited and seen by the man. However, the underground will keep in secret for long its hidden caves that are waiting for their lucky pathfinders.

Apart from caving tours, our club team are big lovers of traveling and take part in walking, boating and biking journeys.

Descending into deep caves requires excellent physical training and rope handling skills. We organize practice twice a week at the gym and in the birch wood. Our club also takes part in sport tourism, orienteering, rogaining competitions, adventure racing and search and rescue activities.

If you are looking for adventures, either a good company for a tour or a team to participate in a competition, we are glad to invite you together with your friends to our caving club.

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