Academic Buildings

The Main Building houses lecture halls, the library, the Main Study Hall, rector’s office, the concert hall, and a large number of study and laboratory rooms. An elevator serves all five floors of the building. Two passages lead into the Laboratory Building and the New Building.

Address: 9 Institutskiy Pereulok, Dolgoprudny

The New Building is four stories high. There are two lecture halls in it, as well as numerous laboratories, study rooms, and a dining hall. The whole of the third floor is set aside for the study rooms of the Foreign Languages Department. The New Building is connected to the Main Building and the Applied Mathematics Building by passages.

Address: 5 Pervomayskaya, Dolgoprundy

At 10 stories high, the Applied Mathematics Building is the tallest academic building on the campus. It contains two lecture halls on the first floor and numerous study rooms. Most of them are equipped with computers, because the building houses the Section of Informatics and Computational Mathematics. A number of laboratories and a dining hall are also based in this building.

Address: 3 Pervomayskaya, Dolgoprudny

The Laboratory Building is five stories high and houses three lecture halls and a large number of study and research laboratories, including the Laboratory for IT Education Development.

Address: 9 Institutskiy Pereulok, Bldg 2, Dolgoprudny

The Radio Engineering Building provides the space and equipment for information technology and telecommunications studies and research. In here, students work on the design of various devices.

Address: 9 Institutskiy Pereulok, Bldg 1, Dolgoprudny

Phystech.Bio is a large biopharmaceutical cluster. It contains many research laboratories as well as conference and lecture halls. This helps engage students in on-campus research work.

Address: 9 Institutskiy Pereulok, Bldg 7, Dolgoprudny

The Auditorium Building is six stories tall and is a concentration of administrative offices of the Institute. It houses deans’ offices, the accounts department, the admissions, and other departments enabling the Institute’s day-to-day operation.

Address: 7 Institutskiy Pereulok, Dolgoprudny

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