Mission & Strategy

MIPT’s mission is to train leaders in science and technology, who are capable to solve key scientific and technical problems, and who will determine the success of the country and humanity in the XXI century.


The mission is based on the four basic principles of the legendary Phystech system, created by our university’s founders L. Landau, P. Kapitsa and N. Semenov over 60 years ago, which are:

  • selecting the best prospective students;
  • leading scientists participating in teaching;
  • an individual approach to some students to develop their creative talents;
  • creating an atmosphere of technological research and constructive creativity, using the potential of the best laboratories of the country.


MIPT strategic development is basing on strengthening its competitive advantages, among which are outstanding professors and researchers, unique system of applicants selection, involving students in scientific research and the highest concentration of intelligent people in one university cluster. The university's strategy is included into MIPT's roadmap for the national academic excellence 5top100 project.



During its more than 60 year history PhysTech has developed significant competences in a wide spectrum of scientific disciplines, including in physics research, information technologies and mathematics, aerospace, living systems and useful minerals.

MIPT has several strong competitive advantages that are the basis of our successful development and mission implementation in the future. Enhancing them we will achieve our aims and strengthen our position as  world-recognized university. Those factors are:

  • High-level professors and scientists with outstanding background;
  • Unique system of applicants selection all around the world;
  • Involving students in scientific research;
  • The highest concentration of intelligent people in one place;
  • Availability of resources to conduct scientific research.

Since 2013, MIPT involved in the federal project on increasing competitiveness of the leading Russian universities among the world's leading research and education centers. The purpose of the project is to maximize competitive position of a group of leading Russian universities in the global market of educational services and research programs.

Priority directions of development of the project MIPT 5-100:
  • search for personnel for educational and research activities among world-famous scientists;
  • create PostDocs, PhDs, Interns positions;
  • reduce barriers of academic mobility by improving the working and living conditions up to world level conditions;
  • create conditions and mechanisms for attracting funds of individuals and entities for the development of MIPT;
  • create a flexible educational system meeting the needs of the employers and graduates.