International board

The primary objective of the Phystech International Board is integrating the Institute as an inheritor of the original Soviet science into the global academic community. It consists of renowned scientists from all over the world, including heads of such prestigious universities as MIT and École Polytechnique (Paris). The board oversees MIPT’s development, providing advisory support for scientific and educational activities.

The international board’s primary objective is the integration of MIPT as an inheritor of the original Soviet science into the global academic community. We aim to become a university that is fully involved into the international scientific and educational exchange.

Tasks of the board:
  • Approving the implementation of strategic initiatives.
  • Accumulating international experience of university development.
  • Accelerating MIPT’s integration into international research and educational programs.
  • Enhancing the international competitiveness of the Institute.
Prof. Leo Rafael Reif

President of Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)

Jacques Biot

The President of Ecole polytechnique

Ralph Eichler

Member of the Swiss Academy of Engineering Sciences

Philippe Gillet

Professor at École Polytechnique Fédérale De Lausanne

Ashok Belani

Executive Vice President Technology Schlumberger Limited

Sung-Chul Shin

President of Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology

Prof. Dr. Sebastian M. Schmidt

Member of the Board of Directors for Scientific Division I (Forschungszentrum Jülich GmbH)

Evgeny Velikhov

Honorary President оf the National Research Center "Kurchatov Institute"

1. MIPT outlook and strategy for 2020.
N. Kudryavtsev, O. Gorshkov, A. Derevnina.
2. Report of the Expert board Chair: ‘Results of the first call for submissions to the “50 Labs” program’
3. Discussion: ‘Emerging organizational structure models and governance of  leading technical universities’ 
Board members
4. Other business (place, date, and agenda of next meeting, other).
5. Final remarks: recommendations and comments
L.R. Reif
1. University transformation and school foundation. 
N. Kudryavtsev 
2. R&D lab’s and research centers development. 
O. Gorshkov 
3. MIPT Life Science center. 
A. Ivaschenko 
4. MIPT Engineering center. 
D. Pisarenko 
5. Internationalization strategy implementation
A. Derevnina 
6. Other business (place, date, other). 
7. Protocol resolution.
1. MIPT Strategy. The First Year’s Outcome of 5-100 Project. 
Nikolay Kudryavtsev 
2. 5-100 Process and MIPT.
Malcolm Grant
3. MIPT Roadmap: Phase II. 
Tagir Aushev, Anna Derevnina, Dmitry Zubtsov