Many personalities famous in the field of science participated in establishing the institute – Academic Sergey Khristianovich and the Nobel laureates Pyotr Kapitsa, Nikolay Semyonov and Lev Landau are among the founders and staff of MIPT. The First rector of MPTU was Ivan Petrov. Many professors from MIPT are leading Russian scientists, including more than 80 Academicians and members of the Russian Academy of Science.

In talking of MIPT’s rich history, it is impossible not to mention the legendary emblem of PhysTech, representing the being “quantic-photonic.” PhysTech’s symbol is unusual, full of the essence of physics. Designed in the 1990s, it has the form of an electrical substance (hv), having the features of a living being the head of which is full of physics (the symbol Ф) and beautified by mathematics (the crown – М).

Every five years MIPT celebrates a double jubilee: the 25 th of November 1946 marks the publication of the resolution of the USSR Council of Ministers setting up the Physics and Technology Department of Moscow State University, and five years later Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology was founded on its base.


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