Welcome to MIPT, one of the leading Russian universities in the areas of physics and technology. The university holds a reputable position in the country and abroad in qualified graduate training. Students and graduates of MIPT are representatives of an elite circle who, thanks to their interdisciplinary scientific surroundings, are able to fully realize their potential. The strong alumni community is spread all over and includes top range scientists, businessmen, politicians, people of art, many of who are awardees of prestigious international prizes. Phystech (the university) and phystechs (its alumni) are strongly proud and supportive of each other.

Andrei Sakharov

Professor of MIPT

Nobel Peace Prize for fearless support of the fundamental principles of peace between nations and courageous struggle against the abuse of power and all forms of violation of human dignity.


MIPT team wins silver at the ACM ICPC World Finals

Scientists investigate how the sense of smell works in bacteria
Biophysicists say iodine is the solution of biomolecule structures
A map of resistance of human gut microbes to antibiotics




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