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MIPT Graduates – are Nobel Laureates in Physics for the year 2010!

The laureates of the Nobel Prize in Physics for the year 2010 have been announced. They are Andrei Konstantinovich Geim and Konstantin Sergeevich Novoselov, MIPT Graduates.  The Swedish Royal Academy of Sciences awarded the prize to a tandem of Russian scientists for “groundbreaking experiments regarding the two-dimensional material graphene,” says the statement of the Nobel Committee that was published today.

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Graphene is a new form of carbon, and is fundamentally different from the usual diamond and graphite. Graphene is a modification of a two-dimensional carbon, layer of carbon atoms one atom thick. This material was first obtained only in 2004.  This year’s laureates managed "to demonstrate that the carbon monolayer has exceptional properties that arise from the wonderful world of quantum physics," stated the Nobel Committee.

Grapheme is of great interest to both fundamental science and practical applications, since in addition to being "super-flat" it is characterized by outstanding durability. Therefore, graphene is the ideal material for the production of microchips of the future.

Andrei Geim (born in 1958 in Sochi) and Konstantin Novoselov (born in 1974 in Nizhny Tagil) have been working together for a long time. Both are professors at the University of Manchester, UK.  Andrei Geim is a Dutch citizen, and Konstantin Novoselov has dual Russian-British citizenship. Before the announcement of the winners of this year's Nobel  Prizes, their names were on the list of likely candidates for the award. The winners will share the prize of 10 million Swedish kronor ($ 1.5 million).

Russian scientists have repeatedly won Nobel Prizes in physics. Among the latest winners of the award –Jores Alferov (2002), and Vitaly Ginzburg and Alexei Abrikosov (2003), who are closely tied to MIPT.


Our congratulations!

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