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Source: RIA Novosti.

As a result of the contest of university proposals to launch major world-class research initiatives with the participation of leading international scientists, conducted by the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation, Intel and MIPT received a grant of 150 million rubles for a three-year study, RIA Novosti reported at the Russian office of Intel.

The project manager (leading scientist in the terminology of the Ministry) will be an employee of the U.S. Intel office Vladimir Pentkovski, one of the most prominent developers of the corporation.

According to the Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, the manager of Intel’s new project development in Russia and the CIS Nicholai Suetin, the task of the grant holders is "the study and development of software architectures, which would be the most effective for complex, critical to computing resources tasks in such fields as bioinformatics, modeling of drugs and other medical and pharmaceutical applications. Under the project, Intel experts will work together with MPT specialists for research, the formation of new schools and world-class employee training."

This line of research is booming worldwide, says Suetin.  Technological breakthrough is anticipated in the methods of diagnosis, treatment, development of new medicines, and the success of research depends on the development of computer models and software and hardware platforms that take into account the specifics of such problems.

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