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MIPT received Certificates of Compliance of the Quality Management System with International Standards

On April 16, the ceremonial presentation of certificates of the Russian Register, confirming compliance of MIPT’S quality management system with the international standard ISO 9001:2008, took place. A year earlier, our institute has received the certificate in the area of research and development (R & D). Now MIPT received certificates for educational activities and in the system of "Oboroncertifica.” Also,an international standard IQNet (The International Network for Quality) certificate was received.

















International standard IQNet (The International Network for Quality) certificate gives additional opportunities when participating in international tenders. If necessary, on request to the Russian register, MIPT can receive a national certificate of any member country of the IQNetnetwork (United States, Japan, Austria, Germany, Switzerland, France, etc.)

Certificate of compliance of QMS of university with the requirements of the national standard in the area of the defense industry provides an opportunity to participate in the tenders from the Ministry of Defense.

















To award the certificates, Arkady Vladimirovich Vladimirtsev, CEO of Certification Association "Russian Register" (hereinafter Russian Register) and Vasily MIkhailovich Krikun, general director of "Russian Register - Moscow inspection" (Representative of RR in Moscow ) visited MIPT.



















Arkady Vladimirovich addressed the rector and the members of the administration of MIPT with a congratulatory speech in which he stressed the importance for the university of certificates confirming compliance of MIPT management system with national and international standards: "I know that the leadership of the university decided to develop not only the aspects related to basic science, but the applied science as well. That is, to be close to the industry. And the industry is working according to these very standards. And I want to wish you good luck in this field, in the promotion of Russian science not only in Russia, but also abroad. I hope that the learning process, and the process involved in research activities, will develop more successfully. We are ready to work with you on this, because the Russian Register, despite the range of our multinational customers, has always positioned itself as a Russian organization, and we are willing to work with you to act on the protection of our markets, our potential. "


















Rector of MIPT was handed the Banner of the Russian Register, to signify that MIPT is a university with attested quality, and a Russian Register souvenir medal.

N.N. Kudryavtsev thanked A.V. Vladimirtsev and V.M.Krikun for the appreciation of the first steps taken by the institute for the implementation and certification of quality management system, as well as the usefulness of this process for the institute: "The functioning of the QMS is very helpful in managing a diverse team. We need standards, a common understanding and a common forward motion vector. Development, implementation and certification of quality management system helped us a lot.  It is the first time that we got such a deep look at our processes. "


















At the conclusion of the visit, the guests were given a tour of the buildings and laboratories of the institute.


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