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MIPT Eastern Dance Studio "Jayanti"


JayantiThe MIPT eastern dance studio "Jayanti" has existed at Phystech for almost 10 years. And each year it brings joy to audiences with itsfiery Indian and Arabic feminine dances, taking part in various events.

The traditions of Arabic dance came down from ancient times, went through European ballet schools and passed through the influence of modern trends. Nevertheless, their basis is the same as before: control of every movement of the body, the harmony of the soul and infinite femininity.


The Studio exists as a function of the MIPT sports section. Our presence is seen at:

- Annual Phystech events: the Sports Festival, Enthusiast Day, ‘Start’ science concert;

- Events such as the Rector’s birthday, opening ceremonies of various competitions;

- Competitions and performances by invitation: the Student Spring Festival, concerts in RSUTS and FESTOS.


All are welcome to join us, regardless of current training level. Trainings are held in the swimming pool Hall of Mirrors. In 2013, the first training session is scheduled for September 3.

Training Schedule (tentative):

Tue - 21:30

Thu - 20:00 


All are invited!



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