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Student Organizations and Clubs

Mountain Section of MIPT

This is a club for skiing, hiking and mountain tourism of MIPT. Pictures from trips, reports and news, announcements of meetings.

Yachting Club of MIPT

Our yachting club exists since the founding of MIPT.  At one point, its fleet was over a hundred yachts.  We have been leaders before, and we are fighting for the leadership position not only in student, but also in Moscow sailing sport.  Visit our website, come to our yachting club, become a yachtsman and a real “phystech.”

Voluntary People’s Militia

Voluntary People’s Militia of MIPT was restored in 1988 for maintaining on-campus safety and for organized resistance to local hooligans. If you are a witness to or a victim of a criminal incident, contact Voluntary People’s Militia of MIPT at the following address: Sportscomplex№1 (between 6 and 3), first floor, the door to the left of the entrance to the athletics hall; hours of operation: each day from 19:00 to 23:00; phone: 408-73-04.

Caving Club “Barrier”

Caving Club “Barrier” was formed in 1986 at MIPT. It is currently located at dormitory №8.

Underwater Club Phystech-Dive

When someone says that they opened the first club in Moscow or Russia, we say with pride that we opened the first underwater diving club in Dolgoprudnyi!


STEM FOPF – is a student theater of the faculty of general and applied physics (FOPF) of MIPT which was formed in 1981.

Club Comfort.Company

Comfort.Company – is a zone of comfort for everyone who wants to spend time with their close ones, it allows you to escape mail, phones, work and social networks, offering you instead a pleasant atmosphere, board games, cookies and tea.

Debate Club of MIPT

Your thoughts remain unnoticed and without the recognition they deserve,  during your talks people sit with bored facial expressions, in your soul you are a leader, but you are not sure that anyone will support your ideas…For this, you need the most rare and artful gift – the gift of eloquence. Eloquence is what is being taught at the Debate Club of MIPT.

Club of Historical Modeling of MIPT

Cross-curricular seminar of MIPT

What?Where?When? - club

KVN - Phyztech team

MIPT Eastern Dance Studio "Jayanti"

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