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Auditorium Building (AB)

Auditorium (Lecture) Building (АК)

Auditorium Building today is a six-story edifice in which the administrative offices and the departments and dean’s offices of faculties of the institute are concentrated, as well as where operations of the distance physical-technical school are carried out. The building has two elevators. Entrance into the building is permitted from 8:00 to 23:00 every day.

On the first floor of the building the Distance Physical-Technical School, the Chancellery, the Office Management and Document Department, the Purchasing Department and Procurement Office and the Vice-Rector for Security S.V.Tarahanov’s office are located.

On the second floor of the Auditorium Building you can find the MIPT Accounting department. It is here that freshman students come to receive scholarships. You can also pay for your accommodation at the dormitory and solve many other financial issues here. In addition, on the second floor the Human Resources Department, the Contract Department, the Stipend (Scholarship) Department, ORVIS, the MTZ and OS Accounting Department, and the Settlement Department are located.

On the third floor is the Department of Development of Educational Programs, Planning and Economics Department, Editing and Publishing Department (RIO), and the Department of International Relations which coordinates all international activities of MIPT.

On the fourth floor is the Legal Department, Department of Operations of Hardware Systems and Programming Equipment, the Educational Department, the office of the editors of “Trudy (Works of) MIPT” and the room of the vice-rector M.I.Kalashnik.

On the fifth floor you can find the office of the Skolkovo Tech representative, office of the Chief of the Power Department, the Office of Civil Defense and Emergency Situations, Center for Continuing Professional Education, Department for Management and Use of Federal MIPT Property, Department of Labour Protection and safety techniques, Phystech Centre, Career Center, MKI and Department of Informational Policy Management.

On the sixth floor is the reception office of the vice-rector for capital construction A.B.Lanchakov, “Photonics” photo studio, the office of the head of department of technical operation and Chief Mechanic Department.

Deans of faculties occupy the third through the sixth floor of the Auditorium Building:

  • Room 301–303 — Dean’s office of the Faculty of Problems of Physics and Energetics
  • Room 305–307 — Dean’s office of the Faculty of Radio Engineering and Cybernetics
  • Room 309–311 — Dean’s office of the Faculty of General and Applied Physics
  • Room 401–403 — Dean’s office of the Faculty of Aerophysics and Space Research
  • Room 405–407 — Dean’s office of the Faculty of Innovation and High Technologies
  • Room 501–503, 520 — Dean’s office of the Faculty of Biological and Medical Physics
  • Room 505–507 — Dean’s office of the Faculty of Physical and Quantum Electronics
  • Room 601–603 — Dean’s office of the Faculty of Control and Applied Mathematics
  • Room 607–609 — Dean’s office of the Faculty of Molecular and Chemical Physics

History of the building

Auditorium Building was built in 1937. Until 1947 the building served as a dormitory for Airship-construction faculty of MATI, and then passed into the use of MIPT (at that time still Faculty of Physics and Technology of Moscow State University) in accordance with an order signed by Stalin personally, on August 17, 1947. In 2012 the building has undergone major renovations.


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