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Sports complex

The sports complex is included in the overall MIPT Educational and Research Complex and is used for training in physical education. It is made up of two buildings and a few sports fields.

Universal gyms feature equipment and a layout for training in mini-football, basketball, volleyball, tennis, badminton, table tennis and other sports. The gymnastics hall is the venue for gymnastics classes in all types of aerobics (basic aerobics, step aerobics, fitball aerobics, etc.), training, pilates, yoga, and programs for improving physical training. The complex includes a strength training room with exercise equipment for the advancement of athletic gymnastics and a martial arts hall, designed for training in boxing, wrestling and various forms of martial arts. There is also a twenty-five meter swimming pool for recreational and competitive swimming, as well as aqua aerobics.


The MIPT Sports Complex includes a science lab, where fundamental and applied research is carried out in the field of biological cybernetics, physical culture and sports.

There is also a massage room, sauna and ski and skates for rent using your student card.


The MIPT Sports Complex cordially opens its doors to all those who would like to join the world of sports.

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