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Residence Hall in Zyuzino

Address: 113303, 1 “А” bld 1, Kerchenskaya street, Moscow, Russian Federation.


Zuzino is a 15-storey apartment type building. It is located in Moscow and is intended for senior students, to make it easier for them to attend their base-department classes. It is located at Kerchenskaya Street, 1a (metro Kahovskaya). Entrance to the dormitory is until 1 am, access for guests is until 23:00.

Every block consists of a 'dvushka' and 'treshka', a toilet and a shower (the WC is separated). There are kitchens with functioning ovens. Apart from the elevator, there is an isolated stairwell, where you are allowed to smoke, so the smoke smell does not reach the halls of the building. You are not allowed to smoke in the rooms or the elevator. On the third floor there is a library with fiction literature and academic books. Those students who use a lot of internet traffic (over 20 Gb per month), can take advantage of having access to an independent internet-provider “YuMOS.”

In 2013, a new gym room with new equipment was opened. Furthermore, two rooms were allocated to the gym – one for men and one for women. Also, close by there is a rubber-coated area where you can play football or volleyball, and a space covered with sand. Around “Zyuzino” there is a forest area with ponds, which is a pleasant place for jogging or for taking a walk.

Next to the building is located the “Pyaterochka” store and nearby is the shopping center “Azovskiy,” inside which you can find a movie theatre, “Perekrestok,” and other stores that sell clothes, appliances, etc. Shopping centers “Ashan” and “RIO” are located five bus stops away.

Living here, in Moscow, you will not have to be dependent on train schedules! 

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