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Residence Hall № 6

Address: 21A, Moskovskoe Shosse Street, Dolgoprudny, Moscow Region, 141700, Russian Federation. 

Residence Hall № 6 is a five-story corridor-type building. The corridor divides the dormitory into “3-shka” and “2-shka.” The building was removed in 2005 (and the building is still maintained in good condition). New pvc windows and a mega-pump for the heating systems, in order to ensure a warm atmosphere during the winter, have been installed. During renovations, new furniture was bought in and installed.  Furniture selection for each room was made done with great care, and that is why it is very comfortable. First-year students reside in rooms for four people (typically, one student from Moscow or Moscow region and three from other parts of the country, to allow for more space on the weekends).

Residence hall facilities include men’s and female’s shower rooms on the first floor, a laundry room (6 washing machines, you can sign up at http://stiralka.fopf.mipt.ru), a reading room (soundproof, there are subscriptions to Popular Mechanics, Scientific American etc.), our own dining hall so you don’t have to go out to eat, a club, which everyone from MIPT and others visit for parties, a coffee shop (students work as baristasand payment is only for the cost of the food and drink), agathering room for the Student Theatre of Stage Miniatures of the Department of General and Applied Physics, a gym room, parents’ room, a kitchen on each floor (2 stoves, 2 sinks, and a table), washrooms (mirrors, electrical outlets), and toilets (cleaned regularly, even on the weekends). Smoking at the residence hall is limited to a specially-designated area on the fifth floor.

The dormitory owes its excellent condition to the senate of the Department of General and Applied Physics, which tirelessly takes care of maintaining order and improving the facilities, trying to take into account everyone’s views.


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