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Residence Hall № 4

Address: 25 bld 4, Moskovskoe Shosse Street, Dolgoprudny, Moscow Region, 141700, Russian Federation.

We are proud of our dormitory. Thanks to the efforts of the dean’s office and the students, the dormitory has turned into a cozy house for the big and friendly family of “problemshiky.”

We have a mother an amazing woman, a wonderful person beloved by all   Vera Ivanovna Aleshina, who also works as the commandant. She solves our household problems with care, and you will be surprised how she remembers everyone’s name and where everyone is from.

“Chetverka” stands out among the other residence halls due to its level of comfort. The building was recently renovatedand there is new furniture in the rooms. You have the ability to live here as comfortably as you do at home.

Furthermore, there is a high-speed computer network at the dormitory that is connected to the campus network, the institute and the internet.   These days, the network isn’t used just for browsing web pages, email and chat.  Here, a computer with access to the network serves as a library, music player, radio, video, and even a phone and a TV. You can communicate with practically the entire world without leaving your room. Cables are slowly becoming a thing of the past, as you can connect to high-speed Wi-Fi from any room.

But sometimes you still want to hang out with your friends, to spend time together.

A cozy club with a bar, equipped with audio and video equipment, as well as satellite TV, opens its doors every evening. Almost every weekend some “problemshik” celebrates his or her birthday there.

Ours showers are famous across the entire campus for their strong water pressure. Six shower stalls are open practically round the clock. We also have a wonderful sauna, which is open to any student of our department.


There are two kitchens and two washrooms on each floor.  The kitchens are equipped with new stoves, which can be used at any time of the day.

In order to freestudents from household chores, the residence hall has a canteen and a laundry room, where you can get your clothes laundered with a brand-name detergent for a reasonable fee.

To help you maintain your physical form, we have a gym room equipped with new modern sports equipment. 

It is difficult to leave one’s cozy home and to be left without the daily support of caring parents.  That is why we have done our best to create all things necessary for a comfortable life and study at our dormitory.

 The girls’ rooms are especially neat.


Although sometimes even the guys do an equally good job!

Studying is best done at the specially equipped room “Izba-chitalnya.” Only our dormitory has a room like that! It is made entirely out of wood and is warm and cozy. There is a library inside and internet access.

Study, study and study!

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