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Residence Hall № 3

Address: 30 bld 3, Pervomayskaya street, Dolgoprudny, Moscow Region, 141700, Russian Federation.

“Troika” is home for the students of the Department of Aerophysics and Space Research. It is a five-story corridor-type dormitory building.

At the entrance to the dormitory there is a metal emblem of the Department of Aerophysics and Space Research, which plays an important role during student initiation.

The first thing you see when entering is the security desk.  The security guard monitors access to the building, as well as the order at the dormitory. The security guard also holds keys to all public spaces. An important fact to keep in mind is that from 1 am until 6 am the dormitory is closed for exit, but the security guard will always let the students who are late coming home in.  Sometimes he even smiles warmly at them.


The first floor serves asthe residence for campus employees, the location of the office of the head of the dormitory and the groundskeeper, as well as a storage space and public gathering space. These are described in more detail below.

Club “Romantika.” The club hosts a variety of gatherings, movie screenings, sports program viewings, discos and other events. Any student of the Department of Aerophysics and Space Research has the right to use it!

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The laundry room is equipped with five washing machines and there is a space to dry the laundry.  After you complete the initial registration, you can sign up for the service at the following website: http://stiralka.faki.mipt.ru/ . Two hours cost thirty rubles, and the laundry is washed so well that it makes even the mothers envious!



There is a gym room, the keys to which you can get from the security guard after you leave your student ID card as a deposit. Just don’t scare him with your newly-acquired muscles!


There is a canteen on the first floor which is open on weekdays from 16:00 until 21:30, and there are vending machines with food and coffee.  Nearby there is a payment terminal, a community printer and a rack for mail.


Men’s and women’s shower rooms are open from six in the morning until one o’clock at night. From noon until four in the afternoon the shower rooms are closed for cleaning.

Across from the security guard’s desk you will find “EtoTma” (Experimental Creative Union Theatre of Miniatures of Aerophysicists).  There, the students prepare for their concerts.


On the third floor you will find a reading room (“botalka”).  It is furnished with wide tables and comfortable chairs, and it is the place where you can find the smartest guys and girls!

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The second to fifth floors are residential.  Each floor has toilets and washrooms at the end of the corridor.  There are rooms for drying laundry next to the washrooms on the second and third floors. There is one kitchen on the first floor and one on the third floor, and there are two kitchens on each of the other floors.  Each kitchen is equipped with two stoves, two tables, and a sink.


There are two types of rooms at the dormitory: “dvushka” and “treshka.”  The windows of the “dvushka” face the NK square, and the windows of the “treshka” face the dormitory of the Department of General and Applied Physics. First year students reside in the “treshkas,” and second and third year students typically live there as well. More senior students move to the “dvushka” or to the “deviatka.” Each room is equipped with cable internet or Wi-Fi through the http://www.mipt-telecom.ru/  login.  In 2007 2007 renovations took place, the furniture was replaced and new windows were installed.   There are bunk beds, closets, tables and chairs in each room. Any further room decoration is limited only by your personal taste andthe rules of the dormitory!

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