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Residence Hall № 2

Address: 32, Pervomayskaya street, Dolgoprudny, Moscow Region, 141700, Russian Federation.

At the present time, first, second, third and fourth-year students of the Department of Innovation and High Technologies reside at Residence Hall №2.

In order to get to the institute from the residence hall, you only need to walk a few dozen meters as it is located right across from the entrance to the New Building.  Nearby, there are several dining halls, a stadium, a swimming pool, a sports complex and a medical center.

In 2012, the building went through renovation. New washroom equipment, fire safety and electrical systems, and new windows were installed.



There are two kitchens on every floor of the dormitory, equipped with new electric stoves, and also two spacious washrooms.


There is a men’s and women’s shower room on the first floor (there are four shower stalls in the women’s shower room, and six in the men’s).


The building is also equipped with laundry rooms (currently,there is one laundry room equipped with five washing machines).  Each student can get the key from the laundry supervisor for an entire day for a reasonable fee which goes towards the fixing and purchase of new washing machines.  The washrooms have a space that is specially designated for drying the laundry.  Additionally, you can get your laundry done for you for a reasonable fee. Each floor has a sufficient number of toilets.

You can only smoke in designated smoking areasin the dormitory.

There is a reading hall on the first floor of the residence hall (commonly known as “botalka”), a spacious club and a cozy room for meetings.

In 2013 a gym room furnished with modern training equipment was opened.



Internet access (wi-fi, cable)  (MIPT-telecom). Printer is set in the dormitory  (rate approximately 1,75 rub./page)


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